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BODIS Exhaust-Technology in the media

BODIS OVAL Q1 - Testbericht PS Heft 01/2007

OVAL Q1 Zitat:

"FAZIT: Ohne dB-Eater liefert er mit die höchste Spitzenleistung im Testfeld, auch bei niedrigen bis mittleren Drehzahlen liegt er deutlich über der Serie.Mit dB-Eater drückt der Bodis nur geringfügig mehr Leistung. Die hochwertige Anlage ist federleicht, ihr Geräuschpegel liegt an der oberen Grenze."



BODIS OVAL - Best in test (PS Magazine 3/2006)


"CONCLUSION: Concerning ABE and racing performance there were three candidates heading for our 'Best in test' award:

The mufflers from Bodis, Micron and Laser Hotcam offer quite some increased efficiency on the road as well as (without dB-Killer) on the race track  - well done!

All three save some weight in comparison to the series product. There were differences in assembly though and Bodis made the run. At the same time the Bodis muffler produces its efficiency with an inbuilt catalytic converter - that`s the future."